Make the unsearchable, searchable!

We believe YOU are the source of innovation and how you think about data will pioneer new development. We built a global data platform so YOU can unlock a new era of learning, discoveries, and advancements.

We built a global data platform so you can unlock a new era of discoveries

Use an all-in-one platform

Our platform has the ability to enhance your R&D strategy with 3 billion words analyzed from 386,892 research studies in 219 countries, anticipate and preempt global competition with machine learning algorithms, reduce time to critical insights by 50% and mitigate quality and safety risks.

Save time, money and resources

Our platform is the only data provider that hosts data insights from both developed countries and emerging markets, with almost 1 million medical devices at your fingertips. We empower users with natural language processing technology and original context in local languages so you can navigate uncharted territories with confidence while saving money and resources.

Gain insights not just data

Our platform serves a large audience of multi-functional users. Our AI lets you see inside 40,000+ companies, from new clinical trials, product launches, manufacturing expansion to real world evidence, movements of your competition and your targeted markets.

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