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Global regulatory data are scattered throughout various national databases.

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Simplify search

Simplify search across databases

The MedTech industry is highly regulated and complex. Official regulations and communications are often stored in different databases, requiring manual and repetitive processes to retrieve segmented pieces of information. This is often inefficient and error-prone. We are a platform that links data from various sources from major markets around the world. We provide our customers with easy-to-search information on MedTech products.

Advanced computing techniques

MedTech information is organized in a complex matrix of documents in various text formats. The current search practice relies on experience and memory, to identify the cases that are most relevant. We enhance search efficiency by automating such manual processes, leveraging advanced computing techniques to deliver search results within previously unsearchable documents.

Advanced computing
Consumer oriented

Customer oriented products and services

Our products are designed with our customers in mind. We enable MedTech professionals with the right information to plan, design, and implement their projects. We offer search platforms and service modules. Our service modules allow us to provide tailored solutions to our customers based on their specific needs.

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